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Welcome To Equinox Chemicals


Equinox Chemicals, Inc. is a custom organic synthesis research and manufacturing company dedicated to delivering superior quality products on demand. We specialize in the preparation and design of organic molecules and offer a wide range of synthetic services servicing government, R&D, pharmaceutical, food, flavor, fragrance, industrial coatings, polymers, semiconductor, alternative fuels, and specialty chemical sectors.

All Inquiries are welcomed and encouraged.

Please send all employment related material to Shonda@eqxchem.com

Ancient Ruins in Turkey  

Equinox Chemicals:
2009 Small Industry of the Year

Equinox Chemicals was honored In March 2009 with “Small Industry of the Year” by the Chamber of Commerce for its economic impact in the community , commitment to the community, and innovation. The Equinox Chemicals Team is incredibly honored to receive this award. This award is a representation of the commitment and hard work of each and every one of our employees that are dedicated to providing quality product, customer service, and building a manufacturing business here in Albany and Dougherty county. We also want to thank the city of Albany and Dougherty county officials and business leaders for their support in making this area a great fit for our corporate headquarters and manufacturing base.

Ancient Ruins in Turkey  

Grimaldi Returns from Haiti

The Mission: Change team landed safely from a three day trip to Haiti. Equinox Chemical's Mark Grimaldi and the team were the first to bring supplies to a small island outside of Port-au-Prince called La Gonave. They haven’t had food or water since the earthquake hit January 12th. Grimaldi says they were mobbed by Haitians when the plane landed. “We saw a lot of blank, open faces... people trying to communicate with their hands that they’re hungry,” Grimaldi said. Grimaldi says they plan to go back to Haiti as early as next week. Mission: Change is still collecting over the counter medical supplies, rice, bagged beans, cooking oil, tomato sauce, soap, tarps, tents, and foam for sleeping cots.

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Equinox Cited in New York Times  

Equinox Cited in New York Times

Some small businesses are not just surviving but thriving -- even benefiting -- from the economic weakness that has battered so many other smaller firms. Some have carved a niche few rivals can match. Others are capitalizing on a fallen dollar to boost their exports. Or they're providing a service that defies a pullback in consumer spending.

And if they haven't piled up too much debt, some small businesses can still get loans, despite tougher lending standards since the financial crisis erupted. Success stories include: Equinox Chemicals, a company in Albany, Ga...

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